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Plant Protection Drone

Well Rounded.   Streamlined.   Futuristic

Assembling the newest SUPERX3 RTK intelligent flight control system and XAI Agricultural Intelligence engine, P30 redefines agricultural UAS with advanced industrial design, dynamic powering system, and superior water-resistant performance.


Intelligent Liquid Tank, accurate and reliable, can automatically sense chemical density, temperature, and volume. With its information updated uninterruptedly during flight, the Liquid Tank allows the aircraft to adjust chemical output to different flying speed, preventing environmental pollution caused by chemical overdose.

The 2nd Gen Chemical Refiller, equipped with an internal battery, light in weight, distances operators from harmful chemicals. Chemical refilling is accurately calculated based on the route planning, which minimises chemical waste and pollution.

XAG P Series Agricultural UAS is a type of aerial spraying system designed for aerial application, aerial seeding and plant protection.


It enables every user, after a short training, to spray safely and efficiently through simple but intelligent operations. Whether on plain field, orchard, mountain, hill or terrace, the UAS is capable of spraying liquid onto every needing crop with uniformity and precision.


Utilising the XAG patented intelligent rotary atomising spraying system, the P series UAS secures farm produce quality while protecting the environment by reducing up to 30% of pesticide use and 90% of water waste.


Tech Specs

Tech Specs

oztech drones australia icon.png

Airframe Dimensions

  • 20J8x20JJx390mm

Radar Terrain Tracing

  • 30m (Deviation <O. 1 m)

Flight Controller

  • SUPER X3 Pro RTK

Hovering Time

  • 18 min (@18000mAh & 22 kg Takeoff Weight )

Airframe Weight

  • 16.1 kg

Max. Operation Efficiency

  • 14ha/h