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XAG R150 Unmanned Ground Vehicles is the world’s first mass-produced agricultural unmanned vehicle platform. The R150 is developed for unmanned farms, with multiple operation modes and powerful expansion functions; Based on the different agricultural needs, various functions such as precision plant protection, efficient spreading, intelligent mowing, transportation of agricultural materials, epidemic prevention can be achieved.
High-strength integration steel frame
Roll cage to improve body strength and durability
Customisable for agricultural scenarios
Adjustable ground clearance of chassis allows movement between dense orchards.
IP67 waterproof and dust-resistance
Convenient to clean and maintenance
Precise Spraying in Every Direction XAG R150 Unmanned Ground Vehicle SPRAY VERSION When equipped with XAG JetSprayer™ System, R150 can conduct fully autonomous crop spraying operation with maximum efficiency* of 5 hectares per hour.
Route planning for autonomous execution
Customise parameters on the mobile app,
Enable autonomous operation that follows the pre-set route
Jet Spray Atomisation, Adjustable Droplets High pressure jet engine projects focused, high-speed airflow that can atomise the liquid into micron-level particles, just right onto the target areas, adjustable to better touch on crop surface.


XAG R150