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(Camera Not Included)


Light, Handy, Responsive​

Aviation-grade carbon fibre and magnesium-aluminum alloy ensure the lightweight and portability of foldable XMission. It can be deployed immediately with a flick to unfold.


Flexible Planning, Easy to Control

A variety of flight modes facilitate XMission to tackle challenging landscapes, including standard pattern, grid pattern and linear pattern, and to adjust itself to multiple mission scenarios. All operations can be completed by a smartphone and the add-on ACB1 CommBack.

You can select target fields, adjust flight and imaging parameters directly within the App. Autonomous missions like surveying or inspection can be conducted with ease after a small amount of training.


Cloud + Local Image Stitching Solutions to Meet Different Demands in Different Scenarios.

XCam + Encrypted Cloud Computing:

High-speed processing for large scale mapping data, 15 minutes for 200mu (13.3ha)


XCam + XStation:

Quick on-site processing without network, 15 minutes for 200mu (13.3ha)


XCam + mobile App:

Suitable for small land data processed directly by mobile phone, 3 minutes for 20mu (1.3ha)(5 photos)


Farmland boundaries and crop positions in 2D/3D HD maps can be mapped by the XAI Agriculture Intelligence and then would be applied directly to the XAG P series UAS for autonomous plant protection operation.


XAG® XCam® MultiSpectrum

Remote Sensing to Facilitate Precise Decision-making

With XCam MultiSpectrum camera, 4-spectrum HD crop images can be captured as well as HD RGB images. The NDVI map aligned in pixel level can facilitate on-site agriculture decision making. The farm prescription map generated by XAI can be applied directly to the XAG P series UAS for autonomous plant protection operation.


Xmission Mapping UAV

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