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Transform Your Farming with a Crop Seeding Drone

Whether it's seeding a hard to reach area, inaccessible mountain or a water logged crop.


Our drone seeding equipment can seed to your requirements at a efficient and precise rate!

Benefits of Aerial Crop Seed Spreading Drone 

View your crops through each stage of development. See your entire crop in a matter of minutes

Through our software analyse the condition of the soil, texture & moisture content

Optimise seeding  &  planting rates giving you a complete uniform harvest 

Some sensors help establish chlorophyll levels, the presence of pests, moisture, and plant stress levels.​

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Effortless, delivers more

 Granules propelled by powerful, stable jets of air, are projected effectively and precisely to wherever needed.


Controlled by a fully autonomous flight control system and RTK high-accuracy navigation network, JetSeed™ elevates its spreading precision to an unprecedented new level.

With a strong backing of testing and on ground use we strive in completing the task with great accuracy.

Benefits of Granular Seeding