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XAG P100 Agricultural Drone is crafted in structure that can separate the flying platform and task systems, integrating efficient spreading and precision spraying modules. This powerful and reliable drone is the flagship to open the new era of smart agriculture.


New Generation

Peristaltic Pump

Max. flow rate: 12 L/min

Nozzle Shutoff Valve

No leakage during turning and transport

Intelligent Centrifugal


Atomised droplet size: 60-400 μm

Efficient Plant Protection

Max. spraying width: 10 m ²


Spraying Bar

Easy to detach, install, transport and maintain

40 L Smart Liquid Tank

Real-time liquid level detection



Fast Spreading While Flying

Flight speed is up to 13.8 m/s. A battery pack would suffice to spread 280 kg fertilizer ³

Vertical Centrifugal

Spreading Disc

Strong wind-resistant capacity, precision spreading

Smart Screw Feeder

Change screw feeder according to the size of granules, providing precision and smooth spreading

Precisely Adjustable

Spreading Width

Easily adjust spreading width through flight height

60 L Granule Container

Sensor detects the remaining granules to avoid misses and spinning with empty granule container



SuperX 4 Pro Intelligent Control System combines the mighty AI algorithm and high-performance powertrain. Integrated with flexible task systems, this upgraded control modulecan easily realise fully autonomous precision spraying and broadcast operations. A smartcompanion for digital agricultural production.

XAG P100 (Basic Spray Pack)

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