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Plant Protection Drone

The future of agriculture begins

  • Revolutionary double rotor structure.

  • UAV structure more suitable for agricultural production.

  • Intelligent flight control.

  • A new generation of super computing power intelligent control system.

  • RTK centimeter-level positioning.

    Precise and fully autonomous flight.

SuperX 4 Intelligent Control System. A perfect combination of the mighty AI algorithm. A high-performance powertrain and flexible task systems.

XAG P Series Agricultural UAS is a type of aerial spraying system designed for aerial application, aerial seeding and plant protection.


It enables every user, after a short training, to spray safely and efficiently through simple but intelligent operations. Whether on plain field, orchard, mountain, hill or terrace, the UAS is capable of spraying liquid onto every needing crop with uniformity and precision.


Utilising the XAG patented intelligent rotary atomising spraying system, the P series UAS secures farm produce quality while protecting the environment by reducing up to 30% of pesticide use and 90% of water waste.


Downdraft generated by dual
rotors contributes to a maximum
of 10m spray width.

Variable screw feeder ensures precise, controllable spreading.
Dual rotary spreading discs for even distribution.
A maximum efficiency of 40 kg/min*.
Reduce seed damage caused by mechanical impact.

Tech Specs

oztech drones australia icon.png

Airframe Dimensions

  • 2795 × 828 × 731 mm (when the arms & propellers are unfolded).

  • 1790 × 830 × 700 mm (when the arms are unfolded & propellers are folded).

  • 730 × 1030 × 625 mm (when the arms & propellers are folded).

Airframe Weight

  • 28kg Incl Battery and Empty Tank.

Radar Terrain Tracing

  • 30m (Deviation <O. 1 m)

Tank Size

  • ​17 L

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